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Hey city council — tell us what you know

April 15, 2010

After two days of introducing four finalists for the city administrator position to Marshalltown, the city council met in closed session Thursday to make a decision.

The city council will soon appoint a new administrator.

Meanwhile, we are still left with some questions - specifically why problematic reports on three of the finalists weren't fully discussed with the public.

Following the announcement of the four finalists, the Times-Republican found controversial backgrounds involving three of the finalists - Rod Barnes, Jo Ann Miller and Randy Wetmore. We reported the information, made contact with the candidates who gave little explanation and tried to talk to the City Administrator Citizens Advisory Committee, but only received a statement.

The statement, from Nathan Stucky, city human resources director, said the committee was aware that two of the candidates had recently resigned from their most recent appointments. However, the committee felt as though the candidates were still well suited to be considered as finalists.

Meanwhile Mayor Gene Beach criticized the article.

"There were stories recently that questioned some of the qualifications and we understand that," Beach said at Monday's city council meeting. "I felt that it was kind of unfortunate that the committee was, I think, unfairly treated."

Why wouldn't the city address and explain what makes city officials nullify the widespread reports? Instead, the city simply shoots the messenger as if the newspaper were at fault for reporting information that any citizen could have found out for themselves with a little digging on the internet and a few phone calls.

The citizens of Marshalltown deserve to know why they should ignore these reports and why some of the accusations people in these candidates' home cities have said should be discounted.

The city needs to tell us what they know. Then and only then will the citizens understand why the city feels problematic stories associated with these candidates are not something any of us should be worried about.



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