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Your vote makes a difference

October 28, 2010

"One vote, in each precinct of the United States will determine the next

president of the United States. One vote. That's a big weapon you have

there, Mister. In 1948, just one additional vote in each precinct would have

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elected Dewey. In 1960, one vote in each precinct in Illinois would have

elected Nixon. One vote."

-Paul Harvey

Over the last several months we have featured a variety of opinions on this page - from national politics to local races.

Whether or not you have agreed with columnists, letter writers or even those who Vent! now is the time to take action.

While there are certainly many who are eager to cast their vote, others are apathetic. They don't think their vote will count.

The right to vote is arguably one of the most important rights in a democratic country. If you don't vote, you're missing out on a great national privilege.

Historically fewer show up in an "off" year than a presidential election.

Statistically, those between the ages of 18 and 24 years old are less likely to vote.

It's our responsibility to help change this. Citizens of this country should possess civic awareness and support the electoral process.

It's our hope that more convenient voting, via absentee ballots, will help increase the number of ballots cast in this election, and that of future elections. It's not too late to take advantage of early voting.

On Nov. 2, we ask you to encourage your friends, family and neighbors to join you in voting.

Government affects each of us, and we must remember it is a privilege that Americans have fought for. In many nations, voting rights don't exist.

Your vote can make a big difference in the result of this election. Vote.



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