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Daily Record, Oct. 31, 2010

October 30, 2010

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

Oct. 15

Charles Boston on contract to Allan Kent, 612 N. 4th Ave.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA as Trustee for Certificate Holders of Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities Trust 2006-2 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2006-2 to EH Pooled 510 LP, 203 N. 6th St.

Melvin and Ruth Carter to Thar Bler, 1005 S. 7th Ave.

Federal National Mortgage Association to the City of Marshalltown, 1210 E. Nevada St.

Mikki and Travis Englund to Doris McCarty, 207 1/2 N. 10th St.

Jason Seelow to Kyle Hokanson, 206 N. 10th St.

Oct. 18

Chester and Shirleen Brown to Shane Brown, 2957 Twinkle Hill Rd.

Leonard Greene and Darel Owen on contract to Heather Hazen Wilson, 106 E. Church St., Laurel

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Farmers Savings Bank, 303 Lee St., 7 S. 5th St., and 709 Jackson St.

Larson Associates Inc. to John Craft, 609 and 611 N. 5th St. Place

Oct. 19

Federal National Mortgage Association to Anita Rangel-Gomez, 1009 S. 11th Ave.

Tina Bizios to Cherie Webber, 917 S. 6th Ave.

Craig Buffington to Betty Buffington, 2325 Knoll Way

Betty Buffington to Kent Buffington, 2325 Knoll Way

Steven Rector to Shirley Rector, 1905 S. 3rd Ave.

Quality Services Corporation to QSC LLC, 1701 E. Anson St.

Marshall County Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Daniel Elder, 207 Park Place Ave. NW, State Center

Paula Gohring to Investment Group Inc., 105 Sherman St., Liscomb

Stephen Seberger to Paul Seberger, 2621 Ridge Rd.

Luis Perez De La Cruz and Virginia Veronica Martinez to Luis Perez De La Cruz and Virginia Veronica Martinez, 805 E. High St.

Joseph Byers to Ryan and Katie Pavlik, 305 NewCastle Rd.

Treasurer of Marshall County to Milton Investment LLC, 306 W. Main St. State Center

Oct. 20

Terence and Frances McCrary to Robert and Valerie Sondag, 406 E. South St.

Erick Eggers and Heidi Pierson to Jeremy Purchase, 1008 S. 9th Ave.

Oct. 21

Joshua Lang to Chandra Pohle, 103 N. 8th St.

Oct. 22

Lee and Joyce Skaar to Jeremiah and Katherine McKeever, 1810 Edgebrook Dr.

Brian Leavy to Janet Connelly, 924 N. 4th Ave.

John and Shirley Foster to Tod McDanel and Catherine Paustian, 2905 Arnold Dr.

Oct. 25

Denise Weil FKA Denise Sowards to Kim Sowards, 2658 Reed Ave., and 506 Main St., Melbourne

David and Julie Stalzer to Julio Herrera and Guadalupe Maldonado De Herrera, 310 N. 4th Ave.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Katie Wilkening, 1008 Finkle Ave.

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Farmers Savings Bank, 406 S. Center St., and 302 N. 1st St.



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