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Abstinence is not the only option

May 15, 2011
Jason Vajgrt, Marshalltown

In reading Ms. Roe's letter on May 8, "Sodders refused action on abortion bill," I felt it necessary to correct/expound on a few of the points in that letter.

First off, at 20 weeks, the only test you have to prove that there is something genetically wrong with the baby is at 18 weeks. No one wants to adopt a handicapped child. But there are lots of false positives in this test, so you'll actually have more abortions that are unnecessary.

The decision to abort a baby is not a governmental responsibility! It is a very personal decision that the mother and her doctor need to come to. This is another example of government with a capital G. This is not conservative government, it is exactly the opposite.

As a male member of a family of four, I do not think that I could have supported coercing my wife to abort either of them. But if it were her choice to make and she did go through with it, I would be there unconditionally supporting her.

I am very educated on the subject, it is a disgusting process. It's not a thing to be taken lightly. However, if there was birth control more readily available as well as more sexual education, and this has been proven in study after study after study, teen pregnancy rates would go down, abortion rates would go down and the sexual health of our nation would be better off.

Abstinence is not the only option, education must be as well.



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