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A waste of time

May 15, 2011
Donald Wilson, Albion

Back in September I was called for jury duty for the first time in my life. Unlike a lot of people I was excited and happy about it because I always wanted to be involved in that part of our judicial system.

I anticipated listening to attorneys present evidence in a very serious case that would have an outcome that could bring justice for a grieving family, perhaps one that may have lost a child due to the irresponsible act of a drunk driver - something worthwhile.

I use this example of a trial because of my having no use for alcohol in any form, those who serve it at roadside bars and those who stop there to consume it, turning their minds into mush. Then they get in a vehicle that has been manufactured to run in excess of 120 mph.

I was nearing the end of my one month of being on call for jury duty when I was finally told to report to the courthouse for jury selection. I was excited to finally be able to join other jurors to weigh the facts of a case and make our decision.

I was one of the first 12 to be interviewed for selection. But it turned out to be a very disappointing situation, because the case involved a man that walked into a bar, got drunk, got into a fight with the owner, owner pops him, drunk got hurt and now they want me to decide how much money, if any, the drunk is entitled to for pain and suffering.

I was politely told by the judge that my services would not be needed after I told him and the attorneys that I could care less about the drunk or the bar owner. What a complete waste of my time, and the court's time.



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