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Wake up calls illustrate effort to think outside the box

School district, community should embrace unconvential ideas

May 17, 2011

At first glance, the new wake up call program MHS will implement to get tardy students to class looks like the interworkings of a Hilton.

We think that's most everyone's immediate response - wake up calls to tardy students? What's next, we send someone ot the house to dress them?

To some extent this does boggle the mind and raise questions such as this. After all, we'd like to think the hard work ethic and a drive to succeed are things most of our students possess.

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However, a look at the facts makes us pause - clearly something needs to be done.

Since March, at least 250 students have been tardy five or more times. That's right- five or more times - this is a truth that disturbs us.

How will a student become successful after they leave MHS and go onto college and can't make it to class? Employers wouldn't tolerate this behavior in the least. What will become of these young kids?

We think these are exactly the types of questions our school administrators have been asking.

Faced with labels such as a persistently low achieving school and a district in need of assistance, we can't help but think it's time to become more proactive.

Perhaps student excuses such as, "I don't have an alarm clock" are bogus. It seems most of those cell phones they're always on provide that feature. But a call to the home takes that excuse off the table. Maybe it can help school officials get to the heart of the problem with habitually tardy students.

We hope that this is a tipping point in the district's effort to think outside the box. We also hope more dynamic thinking occurs in solving the problems our school district faces.

Above all, we hope that students begin to embrace that subpar behavior will no longer be tolerated in our schools.



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