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Marshalltown’s Skatepark needs support

July 2, 2011

Last Saturday Marshalltown's Parks and Recreation department held a fund raising event for the Marshalltown Skatepark.

With the guidance of Parks and Rec director Terry Gray a large pool of dedicated volunteers assembled vendors, bands and local organizations to help raise much needed funds to complete the park.

The event drew hundreds of families and friends out to the park to enjoy live music, good food, and to watch some of Marshalltown's own youth participate in a skating and biking contest.

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While the efforts of these volunteers were clearly rewarded with over $1900 raised the estimated cost of completing the Marshalltown Skatepark is well over $30,000.

The Marshalltown Skatepark has been an endeavour over 10 years in the making. The City has allocated the area west of the 6th St. Softball complex, also known as 'The Triangle', to the Skatepark.

Yet, even with land dedicated to this developing project the level of interest from the community has waned since the project's inception.

The people of Marshalltown are generous of spirit; a shining example of which was the Franklin Field Gateway Project. Within a mere 10 weeks the people of Marshalltown raised over $130,000 to help maintain and preserve our town's history.

If we can raise such capital to honor our past why not then to endow our future generations?

The Marshalltown Skatepark is for the youth. We have all heard the conversations, over coffee with coworkers or around the dinner table, that the youth of Marshalltown leave our city as they enter adulthood.

Marshalltown needs to show it has a vested interest in not only the employment and education of its young citizens but also in their recreation; the city needs to show its youth that they is listening.

In these strained economic times funds from the city and state are few and far between.

But a lack of state involvement has never slowed down the people of Marshalltown.

Above all we know that Marshalltown has been and will always be proud of their past; but let us remember our responsibility to make a future we can be proud of as well.



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