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Support for Steve Sodders

September 20, 2011
Jason Vajgrt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

After reading the article about Jane Jech, I felt I needed to spend my time clearing up some misconceptions she has in her article.

First off, the Iowa Licensure Board which oversees plumbing, mechanical and electrical trades, does not apply to farmers. Being in one of the above trades, I'm aware of this.

Second, how many of my letters must I write, in which I must state, time and time again, that Jech didn't vote on human rights? Jane worked on the Bob Vander Plaats-funded campaign against the Justices who were up to vote out, and politicized our court system for the first time!

Third, keep your God out of my legislature! This state is not Christian, nor is any state in this Union. We are all multi-faceted, not everyone believes in the same religion. If you put Personhood laws or late-term abortion bans after 20 weeks, you slant the law towards the Bible. This completely smacks the face of the first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

I will be working diligently to correct Mrs. Jech's campaign through this entire political season. I support those who work towards bringing equality and jobs to the state. Her non-existant voting record leads me to believe that all of her thoughts are conjecture based on Fox News reports.



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