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Selecting a Republican candidate

December 28, 2011
Brett Dougherty, Melbourne , Times-Republican

In trying to decide who to support in the upcoming Republican caucuses, how I wish that I could take "some of him," a "bit of her," and a "little of that guy!"My ideal candidate for President of the United States of America would be a Frankenstein-like conglomeration of several of the present candidates.

I'd take Ron Paul's seriousness about the Constitution and liberty and I believe him when he says he would actually address the catastrophic debt crisis, which necessarily involves delving into huge entitlement reforms ... draconian, even. It would also require re-prioritizing in our military spending with huge cuts, a big, off-limits, "no-no" for most Republicans. Paul's problem? His quirky delivery and personality. A few odd Libertarian positions, as well.

I like Michelle Bachman's spunk and her earnestness. Being from the Midwest is a positive. Like Rick Santorum, her socially conservative, Christian, worldview is a plus in my book. She would steer the country back to its moral foundations. Negatives? A bit smarmy at times?

The ideal candidate would be tall, handsome, and distinguished in appearance, with a good dose of self assurance, a la Mitt Romney. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one those Mitt stare-downs in a debate. What else would I take from Romney? Successful, real-world business experience, for sure! Anything else? Hmmm ... I'll have to get back to you on that...

Newt Gingrich. Lots of baggage, both personal and political. But he does have a wonderful way of making issues and his responses make sense. He's concise. He's experienced in dealing with Washington. Some say that he might be a loose cannon. I would prefer to see that as a positive: he could very well be a bold and decisive leader.

Rick Santorum maintains that much of our nation's malaise can be traced to our moral decline and that to fix our economic and fiscal issues, we also need to address this rot as a root cause. While not a popular opinion these days, I happen to agree with the man. A nation which turns its back on God and his commandments will lose his blessings.

I'm not interested in Huntsman. Rick Perry ... ehhh, (yawn). Didn't he work for Al Gore's campaign or something? I did like Herman Cain, before he was shown to be a philanderer, OR a bumbler with the truth. I just hope and pray that constitutional-conservative Christians carry the day and nominate our candidate, and that he or she defeats the Socialist-in-Chief who currently occupies the White House.



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