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Bethany Church service was moving

January 11, 2012
Blaine Moore, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

After 59 years away from Bethany Church I decided to go back recently. In my lifetime I have visited many churches and heard many great sermons but no sermon ever inspired me like the first sermon I heard Pastor Cheryl give at Bethany Church.

I felt like I was back home again after being away for 59 years to the exact day. Pastor Cheryl told in her first sermon I heard her give about how heaven has millions of human ears but no bodies. She said that is because people on earth would hear, but they would not listen. From that moment on I knew I had come back to the right church. Sadly Bethany Church closed recently. Christmas Day was the final service.

I found Jesus for the first time here in 1950 when I was just 8. Pastor Cheryl has virtually made all her sermons "events." She performs the sermons not just says the words. Being a part of her congregation has been a great enjoyment and each Sunday I went home knowing the living loving God better as the result.

A miracle is nothing more than an extraordinary event it says in dictionary. I knew a local lady once with brain cancer near death. Then one day the cancer was gone and doctors could not explain it. A miracle! I now know a man blind since age 14 here who went to college has degrees in physics and mathematics and teaching certificate. Blind since 14! A miracle!

Then there is Pastor Cheryl: she does not have to worry about ears in heaven. Not her ears. I hope to meet her someday in heaven along with the rest of the congregation from Bethany Church. She serves the lord well on the pulpit. Pastor Cheryl when you get to heaven someday don't trip on all those ears you talked about the people who heard and did not listen. None of them will be from your congregation we all heard and listened thanks to you. If God had more devoted servants like Pastor Cheryl this would be a much better world. Someday we shall all meet up yonder.



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