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Confronting a tragedy

January 28, 2012
Duane C. Richards, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

It was a tragedy. The young woman from central Iowa whose twins died soon after birth. This woman will probably face life in prison for this act, but it has to be the right thing for authorities to do. Why she did it in the first place has not been answered, but she surely agonized over it. Now if it had been in an abortion clinic, the people in charge would have made sure the babies were dead before they emerged from the birth canal. This method is legal, although one can wonder why, since the baby, who, by the doctor in charge considers it not alive, the why is never considered. So there you have it. Two ways to terminate the life of a very young person. What is the difference, I guess?

In the Jan. 11 edition of the Times-Republican, there is an editorial that belabors the many actions that people take to restrict or eliminate abortions. Some think abortions are quite alright. Some think that there is a war on women as legislation regularly attacks abortion as a bad thing. It is - for the unborn babies! Some seem to quickly forget that if abortions had been so common 50 years ago, certain people might not be alive today to trumpet it as a good cause.

There are a number of people in the United States who are on death row for the terrible crimes that they have committed against other people. The big problem, it seems, is how to put them to death. Every method that has been tried has been questioned again and again with the common answer being that it is too painful. Compared to what? Compared to the aforementioned abortion of unborn babies? Pity these poor humans who cannot stand the terrible pain. Poor babies!

Unfortunately, one has never has the opportunity to ask an unborn baby their preference. What do you think they would say? They would probably not want that procedure. The same birth canal which keeps them captive is the same birth canal that makes the terrible procedure legal for the doctors.

Who is going to stand to make a difference for children? Children are the most neglected and crucified humans in the world. Don't you think it is time?



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