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What’s life all about?

February 13, 2012
Jerry Waterman, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Every person born into this world; wonders what life is all about. Surely, the theory/prophets (scientists) of today; are wrong - how can humans be created out of a single, celestial explosion (The big bang theory?) Anyone who believes this man-made idea is an unbeliever. Unbelievers must have some theory to spout, and this is their intelligent (?) idea -"we simply were born out of nothing." God says that he created us so who you "gonna" believe, God or man? We come to this world as helpless babies, dependent upon family and friends to care for us. Any wisdom we obtain; comes from what others teach us; we brought no intellect to this planet; neither do we possess any memories of where we came from. Those who care for our early needs teach and train us in the manner that they were raised. Until we can reason on our own, we reflect the thinking of our teacher/mentor/families. I thank God my family knew him and taught me that truth. There is a New Testament story about a rich man who came to Jesus by night. He could not chance a day meeting; others might see him-at this point he was only a secret believer.

Up 'till now, Nicodemus's experiences taught him that material wealth was better than heavenly living. Because of Christ's work in his heart, Nicodemus sought Jesus. Jesus told him that if he wanted new, spiritual life, he had to be "born again." We see that story in John 3:1-6. Unable to grasp the born again statement the rich man foolishly asked, "How can that happen, humans only have one earthly birth?" What Jesus told Nicodemus is the same truth we must achieve. We must recognize that God created us and because of our sinful relatives, everyone is born into a world without prior knowledge of our earthly home. So we must hear the truth from others-those who teach and tell the scriptures. The process of "being born again" is this.

Our willingness to be baptized; tells the world that we are serious about changing our attitude about our human sin When baptism happens, God fills us with the Holy Spirit - we are "born from above." Our obedience to Christ is our energy that keeps us from falling away. Christ says that there are many rooms in his kingdom-is there one with your name on it?



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