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The lost art of the turn signal

February 28, 2012
By ANDREW POTTER - Staff Writer ( , Times-Republican

Is it me or are more drivers turning without using a signal these days?

Is there a rash of broken turn signals in town or just laziness? I'm going to go with the latter on that one for $100 Alex.

Oh wait, it's hard to reach your turn signal when you are texting with one hand and holding coffee and the steering wheel with the other.

The worst offenders are people that stop at four-way stops and don't use their blinkers. You could be affecting three more cars if you decide to turn without a signal.

Some of these people then give you a dirty look for not knowing they were going to turn. HELLO! A turn signal would have made everything much smoother so stop giving me the googly eyes. They get even more dangerous when they show up downtown and pedestrians are involved. How about letting me know you are turning since it's kind of my life at stake as I'm walking.

Sometimes at intersections there shows up the ever-hated "Real Late Turn Signal Guy."

These guys wait until they are just about ready to turn then give a quick flash of the signal. I guess they do this so they can say if an accident happens.

"Hey man, I had my signal on."

I guess it's our fault as we are now supposed to predict he was going to turn even if he didn't have his turn signal on until the last second.

That's almost as bad as "Tunnel Vision Lady" at the four-way stop. "Tunnel Vision Lady" likes to look straight ahead at all times.

You almost have to honk or wave at her to let her know there are other cars at the intersection. She is worried about the 20 feet of road in front of her and that is about all she can handle.

I don't think "Tunnel Vision Lady" ever uses her turn signal, but that's because she never turns - her car goes straight at every intersection. Most of the other drivers just get out of "Tunnel Vision Lady's" way and let her pass, because there's no way she's going to be looking out for you.

Then there are people that don't even stop at all at stop signs. They think things such as traffic signs and lights are for other people. They are so elitist and dangerous to boot.

OK, that was my personal Vent column for this month. I swear next week I'll be back talking about poopy diapers, my lack of hygiene or one of my other regular subjects. These turn signal offenders had it coming, so I had whistle a fastball by their face.


Reporter Andrew Potter is a Tuesday columnist for the Times-Republican. The views expressed in this column are personal views of the writer and don't necessarily reflect the views of the T-R. Contact Andrew Potter at 641-753-6611 or



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