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Wake up Marshalltown

March 4, 2012
Jim Wheelock, Eagle, Mich. , Times-Republican

Apparently the citizens of Marshalltown have not learned any lessons when it comes to illegal aliens. Salvador Lara who is 25 years old has been a violator of the law for several years as follows:

- Disorderly conduct in 2006

-Driving without a license in 2003

The above violations were on a public website.

This country is a Constitutional Republic with laws. The law on how to enter the country is very clear. They either abide by the law or suffer the consequences. This country allows over a million immigrants to legally enter the country per year, which is the most liberal of any country. We taxpayers hire our local police, state police and federal police to enforce our laws.

Why is Salvador Lara still in Marshalltown instead of in Mexico? If the local police were doing their job, they would have alerted ICE when he was convicted in 2006 and he would have been deported. End of story.

This is another example of illegal aliens being allowed to stay in the USA even after they have committed crimes. We pay our taxes to the federal government and expect them to do their jobs, but obviously in this case that did not occur.

My mother, Margaret Heintz, was killed in Marshalltown by an illegal alien who ran two stop signs and hit the car my mother was riding in broadside and killed her instantly. The illegal alien had a bogus drivers license. The illegal alien who hit her had several convictions. Apparently the local police never contacted ICE after the previous convictions. After killing my mother, ICE was contacted and the lady was deported. The cost of that accident was several hundred thousand dollars because my father-in-law was seriously injured as well as my brother in law (broken back). My brother in law will never be the same again. The cost of your insurance policy will go up as a result of this incident.

Our country is financially bankrupt and yet the citizens of Marshalltown continue to provide services for the illegal aliens such as education, medical care and incarceration expenses. Wake up Marshalltown.



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