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Standards, decency have gone overboard

April 22, 2012
Harry Patton, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

This unusual pattern of lack of snow ground cover begets an answer especially to the farmers for their need of moisture for their spring crops. From the dictionary comes the word harbinger, which indicates one with impending news, perhaps is on the horizon of that to come.

In the past we have been informed of a current of water off the coast of South America known as el nino, which affects the jet stream and also affects the weather pattern here. In a previous article we quoted the late David Wilkerson a true servant of God. His influence on teen challenges, a world wide endeavor help saving countless young peoples life from sin degradation to a new life in and through God's holy spirit. He also predicated the fall of Wall Street years before it took place, plus spoke of moral values being forsaken, of God's judgment sooner or later on America, the likelihood of a major earthquake affecting America of many years ago and the establishment of blue laws, the intent to place a damper on Sunday entertainment the direct opposite has now taken place. You can go to a baseball game on Sunday, you can go to the casino and gamble on Sunday, play the lottery, get rich in a real sense of the word. We have thrown overboard standards of decency and behavior to our regret. The fashion now in some elements of our society and without same the commingle of two people of the same sex and in God's moral laws informing us such is abominable, despicable, loathsome, intolerable and hateful. The word debauchery comes into play here, gross indulgence in sexual sin and such are candidates for nether world unless deep repentance comes about.

Closing now with the word trepidation: Which conveys that of alarm, should we not be alarmed when a legislator states in the newspaper that he will block a constitution amendment from coming to the floor in spite of the citizens of Iowa wanting to vote on this so called same sex marriage business? I say for shame on the man. He is mistrustful of his office.



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