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Fighting the right way

May 3, 2012
By Sue Junge , Times-Republican

We all know that even the happiest of married couples have their disputes, I know my husband and I have had our share over the years! But we need to keep in mind when we are having a fight with our significant other, we may also be doing so in front of the children, and kids most often are listening to every word we say. It has also been proven that kids that grow up in violent homes are more likely to become depressed, antisocial, and violent themselves. There is even new brain research that show that children who are exposed to high levels of family discord or experience physical abuse share a pattern of brain reactivity similar to that of soldiers in while your home may not be turbulent, even run-of-the-mill fights with your partner may be stressful for little ones to witness. When this stress is sufficiently severe, it is likely to have a measurable effect on their brain development (according to Eamon McCrory.Ph.D., coauthor of the study from the University College, London). So does this mean that we Botox all the emotion out of our face? Or hold it all in when your partner brings home unexpected dinner guests? No, you need to get it out, just do it the right way:



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