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Remembering the wrong people

May 6, 2012
Jerry Waterman, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

In any city, state or province in the world you will see an evidence of tribute to some human who once lived. In Marshalltown, we can start at the cemetery. Walking those winding roads we see huge blocks of granite carved in various designs; all giving some measurable importance to the deceased within. It appears that the cost of these stones might have been more than that person earned in their life. Downtown, we see streets, buildings, parks and other places that are dedicated to someone. Within our state, you will find more monuments - perhaps even in a more grandiose way. These places of tribute exist in every Town and Country in the world. Memorials to humans are built so that every succeeding generation can pause to wonder about the dead within. But I would like to direct your attention to 505 West Ingledue Street. At that address is a simple view of what God has done for the entire world. In that yard stands the trunk of a tree-perhaps it was damaged by wind and the owner wanted to make an impression on an uncaring, unseeing world. But there it is, in plain view; a crudely carved trunk in the form of a cross. You might remember 2,000 years ago that it was a tree which held the only Son of God, as he died in Israel. Whether you believe in him or not his death brought Salvation to the world-for those who care enough to believe. In these trying times, just as in Jesus' day, this "chain-sawed specimen" on Ingledue would not win any award for beauty but that is the nature of God. He invests in our lives in a simple way-not with flash and pageantry-he just comes in an awe-filled moment of Spiritual truth. He never enters where he is not invited. My invitation to you folks is to drive to this street and see for yourself. As you travel by, have a believing mind and open heart; see if the Christ of that long-ago Jerusalem Cross can come live in your heart. It is the only way that we can know God-by receiving his Son. It is also the only way to enter the peace of eternity with a God who cares for us.



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