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Kennedy, judges think they’re the smart ones

May 20, 2012
Richard V. Hill, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

What happen to government of the people, by the people and for the people? I don't know about you, I get tired of the so called elite telling us what's good for us.

Caroline Kennedy, a rich elitist, comes to our state to give awards to three activist judges for going against what the majority of Iowans believe. They slobber all over themselves patting each other on the back for what they think as superior thinking. What a joke!

What Caroline Kennedy and these three activist judges are saying is they are the smart ones, and all the Iowa people and all the Iowa judges that came before were wrong in their thinking and their values.

These activist judges caved in to a small percentage of people and changed 5,000 years of accepted definition of marriage. We are now one of only five states that allow a different definition of marriage into our constitution.

When you have judges and politicians that think of themselves as wiser than God, and thumb their noses at the majority of Iowans, you have activism and corruption at its dirtiest and lowest form. Yes Majority Leader Michael Gronstal fits into this group too. He is so obstinately attached to his opinion as to be intolerant of the people who put him into office. He stopped the marriage issue from reaching the full Senate floor for a vote, which killed any chance of the people to have a vote. He wants us to trust him, but he won't trust the voters.



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