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Grateful for recent letter, articles

June 10, 2012
Deane Adams, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

I'd like to comment on one excellent letter and two excellent articles from the last week in May and March 25 papers.

One is Tom Bower's view on how he feels the Christian views are fading very rapidly. Tom believes the change in our culture is breathtaking. I believe that's a view a lot of us have. I also know that at the same time we have many people with faith working with young people in our schools and on our college campuses. We have many churches in our community. I just read an article in a paper from our church on how hungry the people in Cuba are for the truth about our Lord. I know we have young college students in the middle of China working today.

Paul Tambrino's excellent article, like Tom's, challenges us to wake up to our Christian challenge. I agree with both men we continually need to be on the alert to defend our faith. We remain Christians only when we maintain the integrity of our gospel witness.

Then there's Andrew Potter's March 25 article about Sarah Hemming-Meyer's travel to South Africa. Sarah is a 2002 Marshalltown High School graduate that went to Africa to work in a family hospital and HIV clinic and emergency room. Sarah tells about how devastating the HIV has been to the people of that country. Sarah said, "I don't know if the people truly understand this disease, because they are so casual about it, because there are so many people that have the disease." I believe this is happening in the United States. We are so casual about some of our problems. We have 34 million cases of HIV in the world and we have 1 million cases in the United States with 42, 959 new cases in 2009 according to an article I read online. The main transmission of this disease, according to this article, is 74 percent is spread by male to male sexual contact. The closing statement in Sarah's article, and I'm sure Tom and Paul feel the same way, as I do, that we are so lucky to live in the United States. Let's wake up and not be so casual that we lose what we have.



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