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‘Not In Our Town’ a commendable effort

June 10, 2012

The Times-Republican editorial decision to stand up to bullying, whether it be student against student in school, or intemperate and angry remarks submitted to the newspaper, is to be commended. Thank you for deciding to resist those who bully by resorting to verbal violence.

In these times of uncertainty, one can understand frustration over things that happen in life and the chaotic world in which we live. However, one should be able to express feelings and opinions with civility. Respecting another's viewpoint is a first step in finding common solutions to the problems facing us.

I would hope that in this election year those engaging in political discourse, and campaigning for candidates, will also turn from "bullying" tactics used in advertising against the opposition. A civilized citizenry needs engaged and constructive debate. It does not need cheap shots and distortions meant to demean and destroy.

If we as adults present determined and consistent resistance to bullying, and say, "Not in our town!" the youth of our community will have respectful adult behavior upon which to model their own attitudes and behaviors.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" -an old concept, but always the best policy!



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