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Let freedom ring

June 12, 2012
Shirley Wagner, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Where oh where have all our freedoms gone? Just because I might have a different opinion than you, I am labeled a "hater." In stopping the Vent column, I'm sure you did not mean to take my freedom of speech away, or did you? I cannot remember that I ever called into the Vent column, but I pretty much read it.

I'm looking at the freedoms we have lost since I was a child. The first one is that there are no absolutes. No wonder our country is going around and around. There is no right or no wrongs. There was a time we could talk and disagree and still be friends.

Thomas Jefferson said, "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing." Are we so complacent that we, as American citizens, don't care or don't understand what we are losing?

"Let Freedom Ring" and may God have mercy on us.



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