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Fighting for our country’s republic

June 12, 2012
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

In my last letter I said, our democratic government has died. That is OK! It never was our America way. From George Washington, to Abe Lincoln, to Franklin Roosevelt, to John Kennedy, all knew that what our founding fathers created and followed was, as Benjamin Franklin said, when asked "What have you given us? A republic if you can keep it."

Now Lyndon LaRouche is bringing it all back so that we can once again have the government we were meant to have. First, however, we must recreate the Glass-Steagall Law that will separate the good banks from the toxic debt banks. This was never "we the people's debt." Great people died to save our republic. Before Lincoln was shot, he issued the Green Backs, a form of congressional credit system.

After that, no president had the guts to fight for our countries republic until Franklin Roosevelt

again used the credit system to bring our country out of the 1930s depression. He used the credit system to pay for the WPA and the Tennessee Valley Alliance. This put a lot of people to work and created a water system and created electricity that brought power to family farms making production much easier.

The North America Power and Water Alliance (NAPAWA) had been on the drawing board prior to World War II but then dropped. We in the LaRouche group have been working on this project and now have the figures so refined as to the cubic yards of concrete it will take for each dam. This project that will dam two rivers to hold the rain water in both Alaska and Canada is now running to the sea not being used. With pumping stations and dams this water can be diverted to flow south to

supple much needed water to western states even clear to Mexico. It will make our desert bloom as well to correct the water shortage throughout the continent. John Kennedy picked this project up and was promoting it big time when he was shot.

Why hasn't any president picked it up? The work is needed. The electricity is needed. The project can be funded with Constitutional Credit. If Obama weren't committed to Britain so closely it could be done.



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