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Supports Romney for president

June 18, 2012
Don W. Crowley, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

The recent remarks by Senator Diane Feinstein, Gov. Ed Rendell and the Political Consultant Paul Begala have vocally condemned the alleged White House Staff that leaked secret security details for political promotion. These are only the latest to distance themselves from the Obama re-election campaign, using the "Chicago Style" tactics of winning at any expense in developing political advantage. These individuals have created a division within the Democratic Party that are receiving the names of the "Obama Loyalists" and contrasting "The Democrat Super Patriots."

The "Obama Loyalist" has a rabid dedication to his re-election, no matter the cost, including near treasonous acts of informational leaks to the media.

The "Super Democratic Patriot" is a U.S. citizen first, and because of the Obama Loyalist's alleged leaking information to promote their leader, will not vote or openly support Obama with any effort. They won't vote for a Republican but probably will work for congressional candidates. The "Super Democratic Patriots" are laying the groundwork for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016; thusly blocking any possible re-election by Obama after a 2012 loss.

Obama has alienated our allies and continued to send U.S. foreign aid to very questionable friends. His narcissistic attitude and slap in the face by foreign aid recipients have overshadowed any administrative international achievements.

Gov. Mitt Romney is a proven multitasker with his takeover of the Winter Olympics; eliminating fraud and despotism, to produce one of the most successful winter games ever. As president, the economy and jobs will be priority No. 1. I expect multi-tasking will reestablish allied trust, redefining via foreign aid and politically supporting our international policies. Our enemies will know they are enemies with none of the Obama appeasement policies.



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