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Loney left challenges for community

July 1, 2012
Tommy Thompson, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Marshalltown has lost one of its most enthusiastic cheerleaders for Marshalltown -Curt Loney.

Curt had a long history in Marshalltown. He began working in a small grocery store after being discharged from the military and later he ended up buying that store. This began a career in the grocery and merchandising business, becoming one the leaders in his industry.

After he sold his stores (including 16 convenience stores) he began another career. When most people would be thinking about retirement, Curt starter another career selling light bulbs and fixtures for a major company out of Fargo, North Dakota. Soon he became one of their leading salesmen.

Curt was included directly or indirectly in almost all community organizations. He was on the school board when the roundhouse was designed and built. This was a new concept in design that Curt helped promote. Curt was a longtime member of the Quarterback Club, serving as its treasurer and promoter.

For many years Curt was a strong (constant) promoter for the revitalization of 13th Street that we now see that moving forward.

Curt last "Letter to the Editor" urged us all to speak well of Marshalltown and appreciate what we have. He also urged us to continue to work to improve in all areas, including education, which was one of his last concerns. We now have the challenges that Curt left us. lt is up to the community and his friends to respond.



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