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ObamaCare Supreme Court Ruling truly baffling

July 8, 2012
Paul Gregoire, Rhodes , Times-Republican

It is amazing to me that a majority of our Supreme Court justices could simply turn their backs on the Constitution that has served this country so admirably for well over 200 years. The gall of the left-leaning justices and Chief Justice John Roberts to hold the view that it is perfectly legal to force every American - under threat of a penalty - to purchase something even if they do not want it is unconscionable.

This health care case was more about individual liberty than anything else. According to some, the question at hand is whether there are any limits on the power and reach of the U.S., government going forward. Yes, we clearly need to do something about health care in the U.S. but there is a better way than to force it through an ill-conceived, incomprehensible 2,700 page law that will be implemented by the unelected folks at the Department of Health and Human Services.

For a majority of the court to state that the individual insurance mandate is legal, they had to consciously toss aside over 200 years of following our Constitution. This amounts to nothing more than those justices acting as "politicians" to change the relationship between U.S. citizens and the government itself. The bottom line is we, as individuals, have just lost some of the power our Constitution guarantees we have to make voluntary, free-thinking decisions.

Never in the history of applying our Constitution has the federal government been allowed to force individuals to enter into a legally binding contract -perhaps against their will and interests - simply because they live in the United States. I would dare say that such an imposition has never even been considered. Additionally, it is amazing that the court could be buffaloed by the federal government's attorneys to believe the penalties for non-compliance with the mandate to buy insurance is a "tax." For the past two years, and as recently as late March, the White House has maintained this penalty is not a tax - because that would make it unconstitutional per the 16th amendment.

We all need to now think about what this could bring. Ask yourself, "What are the limits to this new, unconstitutional power the Supreme Court has just unleashed?" From my perspective, this contortion of the Constitution throws the question of the limitations Congress has to control our lives right out the window. If they can mandate that you buy insurance against your will, they can mandate you do others things against your will as well.

Remember, we can impact this by voting out congressional members and our president who have steered our country down this ill-advised path. Please do not sit back. We need to get our democracy back and stop the slide to a socialistic existence.



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