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Glass-Steagall is absolutely necessary

July 15, 2012
Dan Schmitt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Hang on to your hat and pray in ernest, resolute to our Lord and Savior that he grants the people working for the good of "we the people" to be successful. Our country, our sovereignty and the sovereignty of all of Europe are in jeopardy of falling into dictatorship. Only the passing of Glass-Steagall H.R. 1489 can stop this from happening. Sixty-five Congress members have so far co-signed. Lyndon LaRouche has long promoted this action. The former president of the Kansas City Fed said, "Glass-Steagall is absolutely necessary." The former president Carter has spoken against his own party's actions. All this while Gethner and Bernanke are plotting a mega-bailout for Europe with your tax dollars.

Mr. Deindustrialization Paul Volcker, former federal chair, killed agriculture in the 1980s with 22 percent interest, is now Obama's enforcer against Glass-Steagall. That is when this depression began. If Obama, Volcker and the British Monarchy don't get their way we could see ourselves at war, starting with Syria, and not just war, but thermonuclear. Which would be an extinction event. As I said, send your prayers to heaven.



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