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No record to run on?

July 18, 2012
Vicki Weaver, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Here's the reality for those who think President Obama cannot run on and has no record to run on:

Unemployment down to 8.2 percent from 10.1 percent is a failure?

GDP growing at +1.9 percent rather than shrinking at -6.8 percent is a failure?

Stock market, pensions and retirement funds up to high of 12k+ from low of 6k+ is a failure?

From losing 780,000 jobs a month to gaining jobs for the last 28 months is a failure?

4.4 million private sector jobs gained is a failure?

18 tax cuts for small businesses to help jump-start our economy is a failure?

Ending war in Iraq is a failure?

Getting Bin Laden is a failure?

Respecting our gay troops just as much as our straight troops is a failure?

Saving the auto industry is a failure?

Increased manufacturing is a failure?

Tax cuts for everyone for the last 3 1/2 years is a failure?

Feeding and helping hungry and struggling fellow Americans in our time of need is a failure?

Our children with pre-existing conditions getting health care is a failure?

Our seniors saving money on prescription drugs is a failure?

Our kids staying on our health care polices until age 26 is a failure?

No lifetime caps on our health care is a failure?

What would be a success if all of this is failure?

If everyone repeating this GOP talking point about President Obama not being able to run on his record ever really bothered to listen to President Obama speak, they would know that he runs on his record all the time. Oh right, they know that and that is the whole idea, misinform and muddy the water so people are misinformed and confused. Wake up my fellow Americans!



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