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Let’s recognize officers’ efforts

July 22, 2012
Angie Paxson, Conrad , Times-Republican

In response to Mr. Richey's letter "Disappointed in Iowa River response" in the July 15 Times-Republican: Dear Mr. Richey, I am saddened by your comments in the T-R. It is a known fact that there was a language barrier between rescuers and the families of the children who lost their lives. The fact that an officer physically removed the grieving woman from the immediate search area is a testament to their commitment to serving the public. The last thing this woman needed to see was family members' lifeless bodies being pulled from the river.

I have many dear friends who are police officers. They are human. They feel just like the rest of us. They laugh, they cry, they grieve, they replay events on the job for days, months, years, after they occur. They are trained to remove emotions from emotionally- charged situations. It is how they stay alive, it is also how they keep us alive. They deal with Marshalltown's "finest" on a daily basis. Yet they still go to work everyday willing to work for us and willing to give their lives for us.

This was a horrible situation. I don't think that any average citizen could have handled this situation any better than MPD did. Not only that - your comment about other police departments coming to Marshalltown to be looky lous? Their job is to protect us. It isn't just their job - it is who they are. So if a distress signal went out - I am honored that area town police departments came to help out. That is what the human spirit is all about. Instead of criticizing them for what they didn't do - it is time to recognize them for what they did do. God Bless the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe day in and day out.



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