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New healthcare law: Tax, tax tax

July 22, 2012
Don W. Crowley, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

We certainly hope all the Democrats that are so dramatically supportive of this legislation enjoy the tax increase that the president assured would never happen. No middle class tax increase was the pledge; anyone with any rational thought knew this was a lie!

The newly sanctioned law apparently gives the president a victory to exclaim during the campaign, however, this gives Republicans a new issue on taxation. Remember this is not a tax - the president said so. Already new taxes are being contemplated for every medical instrument and medicine.

Our hospital ER system is flooded in providing the needed care per the current law for the indigent. We have a severe shortage of general practice doctors. If 30 million more people are deemed to be served by our health care system, where are the additional five hundred thousand health care professionals to provide routine care?

Suddenly, the "kick the can down the road" philosophy of the Democratic party is embraced and somebody later (wink, wink) will surely fix the problem.

The current concept that all the people who now don't have insurance will cease paying cash or increments and buy insurance because of the IRS fine. All these additional health care costs will then be the paid for by the IRS fine accumulation from the stubborn independent contractor. That is like saying all road repairs will be paid for by speeding tickets and function similarly to perpetual motion machines of usefulness.

It is impossible to support these new demands without rationing health care via some bureaucratic mechanism.

The political battle really has just been enjoined. Every Democrat that voted for Obamacare and its new taxes will be severely challenged in November for their deceit. The sad part about this is Obama lied to American people and his loyalists in sworn statements.

Certainly some of the new health care law is very welcome as both political parties have long supported the ideas of extended care for dependents with no previous condition prejudices. It appears that seniors have been thrown under the bus per the usual Obama practice of discarding refuge.

Everyone agrees that the current system is broken; but the least qualified people for remedial action, are Democratic bureaucrats seeking votes not solutions. This program may get Obama re-elected as we have become a nation seeking more free stuff. The number of people trying to earn their respect is fast disappearing into the emerging socialism of Obama.



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