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We should be able to express displeasure with homosexuality

July 25, 2012
John Anderson, Tama , Times-Republican

It seems everybody has been bullied at one time or another. What is it with the sudden surge of bills coming down on school bullies. I'll tell you. What is at the root of it is the homosexual agenda. They have made it impossible to express our displeasure at their lifestyle by mandating a person can not discriminate when hiring. One must put up with the abomination of gay weddings. The list goes on. At least in the privacy in their own homes, parents could sit down with their children and counsel that the gay/transvestite lifestyle is a sin.

Children are not as politically correct or have the discernment to object in a politically neutral way. The bill takes advantage of this and will bludgeon with fear any one who object to the party line by labeling them a bully. They did it for adults and the word homophobe. Now the phrase, "That is so gay" in a mild derogatory way, said on the playground, can land a student in suspension.

Next, like during the communist Mao-ist era China, they'll actively promote children to turn in their parents. The day is coming when the parents that quietly counsel against the gay agenda to their children in their own home, will be subject to arrest by their ethics upside liberal education. Gradualism, we're all in the boiling water now.



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