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God should have a place in our schools

August 5, 2012
Richard V. Hill, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

On July 25 in the T-R, John Anderson, of Tama, wrote an excellent article. I want to build on it. I just returned from a friend's funeral, as I gazed upon his body I realized the shortness of time we have on Earth and the vastness of eternity waiting for all of us. The dimwitted cowards in Washington and the federal courts have yielded to every wacky group's personal agenda. There's no standard of decency in Washington or the courts. It's no wonder the United States is in decline and has destroyed any chance for the kids to have a healthy, normal life. The kids have no respect for authority or trust in their government, and why should they? The courts have approved that schools can teach sex education, gay lifestyle and any other crazy ideal that comes down the pike, but they cannot mention God or creation, and God forbid moral absolutes are taught. Kids, the schools won't tell you so I will. There was no Big Bang explosion that caused Earth, other planets, suns, moons, stars, gravitational pull, vegetation and waters to just happen in perfect order. I have never, in my life, seen any explosion that caused order. I've just seen a lot of them cause chaos. I once watched a big hotel being imploded with dynamite (that means to cause the building to fall in on itself) and after the explosion, I stood there for a while waiting to see an elegant hotel pop up out of the explosion, but all I saw was rubble. No kids, explosions don't create. It takes a creator to make a world just like it takes a builder to build a new hotel.



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