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Appreciates local governments holding the line on taxes

August 19, 2012
Jim Deninger, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

I believe that a comment about local property taxes this year would be appropriate at this time. I received my new tax bill in today's mail and was pleasantly surprised. Not only did all governing bodies do well with holding the line as best they could but our board of supervisors went all the way to a zero percent increase over last year's asking. In this "top down tax push" attitude at the state and federal level our supervisors did a super job of holding the line.

I talked with one of the board members yesterday and he was confident that next year they will be able to do even better with more streamlining and advances in providing services in a more efficient manner.

Now that's what we need more of, a group of folks truly representing the people and concerned about thinking outside the box or not going the "kick the can down the road" method of delaying decisions until all is almost in the toilet. Thank you and well done to all and especially to our Marshall County Board of Supervisors.



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