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Romney’s business record off limits?

August 19, 2012
Jason Vajgrt, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

So Mitt Romney wants his business record off the table for attacks during the presidential debates and the remainder of the election cycle? OK, fine. So let's take Obama's first four years off the table for attacks as well.

Why, you ask? Simple. Obama spent the first two years trying to get his Democratic majority in Congress to put forth bills he wanted passed. Congress was mired in deadlock because anything that was unbefitting to the Republicans was immediately filibustered and held up for debate longer than it had to be. This obstructionist behavior lead to the Koch Brothers-funded Tea Party rising to prominence and storming the castle in the midterm elections. Since then, the modus operandi of the Teapublicans has been to obstruct Obama at every turn, even when they agreed with the concept in the first place. They only want to obstruct him from doing any good so they can just use this election cycle to say "See? He's not doing anything to help you!" and then promptly offer their own party as the one with all the solutions.

The Republican party platform is one I want nothing to do with. I've been a life-long Democrat. But I did like the idea that the Republicans stood for less government. However, with all the voting against abortion, against gays and lesbians and against cutting the Pentagon spending so we can maybe move toward ending the wars and closing some bases; they've shown their true colors. Those colors are not red, white and blue. They are yellow as the sun and black as the cold, callous hearts they proclaim their love of country comes from. There is an undercurrent of racism in the Tea Party. I, for one, want no part of it.

The Republican mantra is a "by the rich, for the rich" attitude. Cutting taxes for the wealthy and making the working class shoulder the blame and the responsibility for the increase in their own taxes.

Like the song from Public Enemy says: "Don't believe the hype." The Republicans want you to believe Obama has done nothing; meanwhile Romney has done even less for Americans when he was governor of Massachusetts.



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