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Concerned about future of Medicare under Romney/Ryan

August 26, 2012
Darlene Brees, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Romney and Ryan are running ads featuring Ryan's mother and the mothers of other GOP politicians to show there will be no changes in their Medicare. That is true, there will be no changes in Medicare for current seniors who are now receiving benefits. However, those seniors 55 and under, who want to retire at 65 will not get Medicare as we now know it. They will be issued vouchers for "x" amount of dollars, and then, they must show around for a health care provider they can afford with the voucher.

Further, the amount of the vouchers does not increase with inflation. The insurance rates go up, but the voucher amount does not, leaving us seniors unable to afford the insurance and as the saying goes "over that ole cliff."

Obama has not cut benefits. What he has done is search out waste in the insurance companies, the hospitals, the druggist and the emergency treatment rooms. This money he has put back into the Medicare fund to go to the senior benefits fund. Romney/Ryan on the other hand will use the money saved to give to the rich top percent tax breaks so they can create jobs?

Also Romney and Ryan want to raise the Social Security age from 65 to 67, and again try to privatize it if they are elected and manage to do that our retirement is in danger. Because Wall Street will be in charge of our retirement funds, R and R want to deregulate Wall Street, meaning if they screw up and crash again we are in trouble. We'd be broke, our retirement money gone.

So think about all this and your future and the future of your kids and grandkids when you decide who you are going to vote for. Me, I will vote for the one who knows from experience what it feels like to be broke and needing help just to live day to day, who has lived on food stamps and done without many things that people with off shore bank accounts take for granted.



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