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Gordy, McCartney to play Motown piano

August 31, 2012

DETROIT - In town for a concert last summer, Paul McCartney made his first-ever visit to Detroit's Motown Museum, the legendary two-story "Hitsville USA" building where a generation's worth of musical gems were created.

McCartney "was just thrilled to be in the space," said Lina Stephens, the museum's curator, who gave McCartney and his bandmates a guided tour that day. McCartney was also excited to come across a pair of pianos.

"He came to the first piano - even though there's a sign on it that says, 'Please do not touch' - he went up and played the piano," Stephens said. "He said, 'I'm sorry I have to,' and he played." When the group arrived at Studio A McCartney found piano No. 3.

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He was told it couldn't be played due to deterioration, and McCartney moved on. The next day, he called with an offer to have the damaged 1877 Steinway grand fully restored.



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