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As seasons change, fall offers opportunity for artistic expression

August 31, 2012
By SHIKHA PASRIJA , Times-Republican

Colorful leaves, shiny apples, bright pumpkins, twigs, berries, acorns, bark, pine cones and nuts - I am talking about the arrival of fall. Watching the trees turn color in all shades of yellow, orange, red and gold is a spectacular experience. The colors, texture and beauty of fall is so inspiring that it provides us with a wonderful opportunity to get indulged in inner self and appreciate the impermanence of everything.

Fall with its colorful beauty also compels us to be more creative and playful with what nature has to offer. Here is a fun and colorful art project to make fall trees using finger paints.

All you need is

Article Photos

Finger paints

Construction paper

Card stock


Pipe cleaner


Art paint brush

All you do is

Using scissors, cut the tree trunk from construction paper. Stick it on card stock. Dip index finger in paints and press on to paper for leaves impression. Touch up construction paper using paints.

For flowers, dip a pipe cleaner in paints and press it on paper for stem. Make petals using art paint brush as shown. (Dip art paint brush in paints and press it on paper).

I am also listing few fun and easy art and craft ideas that are creative and educational.

1. Collect before and after fall foliage leaves. It's a great activity to get kids to observe, stay involved and get excited.

2. Use leaves, apples and potatoes as stamps.

3. Glue pumpkin seeds for bookmarks and fall greetings.

4. Paint and roll corn cobs for fun impressions.

5. Paint acorn nuts and make faces on it using markers.

6. Paint a love you forever pumpkin and write a sweet message all over it using darker paints or markers for friends and family.

7. Tear construction paper in small pieces and make mosaic art.

8. Colorful hand, fingers, thumb and feet impressions in fall colors.

9. Collect twigs, stick them on in shape of letters on a cardboard and make a name plate. Punch 2 holes and use jute twine to hang it. Stick leaves, acorns and barks around.

10. Collect pine cones, pierce a hole in the stem and hang them using jute twine.

Hope you enjoy the art projects. Have a colorful day!


Shikha Pasrija has a passion for art. She has organized several successful art workshops which have been immensely popular both with kids and their families. Follow her blog or e-mail her at



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