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Romney’s focus is on jobs, economy

September 2, 2012
Jim Lovig, Le Grand , Times-Republican

This letter to the editor is in response to Jason Vajgrt's Aug. 19 letter. First, Mitt Romney business record was very good for a private individual operating a private company which is answerable only to his employees and investors. Obama's record is very poor as he is president of the United States and is answerable to the people. (You can't compare the private sector to the elected public sector). It should be pointed out that congress was controlled by Democrats from 2007-2011. Let's look at some of the things Obama got through congress:

1. Obamacare which was not debated in congress and did not receive one Republican vote. We

have a big problem with Medicare and Social Security becoming unfunded entitlements and adding

millions more to a unfunded program is a bad thing.

2. National Debt. Obama stated when he was elected that he would cut the debt in half. When

lie was elected the National Debt was $10 billion, it is now $16.4 trillion and growing. If something is not done soon we as we may be in the same shape as Spain, Italy and Greece.

3. Unemployment. Obama was to reduce unemployment and he passed a 787 billion "shovel ready" stimulus package. It didn't work and even the president stated it didn't.

4. The DREAM Act could not get through congress, so Obama signed an executive order for Deferred Action. He did inherit a problem created by Ronald Reagan when he signed an amnesty bill. This was his answer to his commitment to address the immigration problem.

5. The Canadian pipeline was killed by Obama. Canada is our neighbor and one of the best trading partners. Would it not be smart to buy oil from Canada rather from a mid-east country that hates us? Now China has a billion dollar deal with Canada. China just happens to be one of our biggest world competitors.

I may not agree with all of Romney's views, but his focus is on jobs and the economy. The Democrats have a tax and spend policy with creating social entitlement programs that lack funding.

We cannot take four more years of Obama making problems instead of solutions.



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