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Capitalism and energy

September 4, 2012
J.C. Petrone, Dublin, N.H. , Times-Republican

It was liberty and freedom that inspired those courageous souls of long ago to leave their

homes and seek out an unknown home in an unknown world. This spirit of liberty and freedom remains to this day in the hearts of most of our fellow citizens. It is called capitalism - the goose that laid the golden egg.

But what "ism" is more conducive to the noble aspirations of mankind. Living under liberty and freedom there is no other "ism" but capitalism that allows and promotes and provides liberty and freedom for anyone to become the best that he or she can be. Capitalism gives incentives for creativity and encouragement for the efforts of people wanting to get ahead and being the best that one can be.

This country, as it is today, was not built by capitalism alone - it was also energy that made it possible for one to realize their dreams and build an exceptional nation. The time has now come for this nation to be energy independent.

So many of our problems can be solved by having energy independence. For example: Foreign relations (need to pander to suppliers), jobs (cheaper energy), the cost of fuel and energy (more supply to meet high demand), balance of payments (pay ourselves rather than other countries), exorbitant debt (economic growth is a major key to deficit and debt reduction), you can surely think of others.

We can (and must) have energy independence through the exploitation of our vast energy resources of coal, oil and natural gas. Here is a road map:

Put the Keystone Pipeline back in play.

Stop purchasing foreign oil and gas.

Remove the impediments to exploiting our vast quantity of oil and gas, and dig our vast quantity of coal.

Knowing American ingenuity, we will find and produce alternatives that are cost effective and efficient. But meanwhile this country will need fossil fuels for energy for at least a generation -unless we want rationing, dependence of costly imports, and limits on economic growth and diminished prosperity.

Let us not ignore the benefits of energy independence: jobs, economic growth, increased prosperity, a way to start cutting our unconscionable national debt of $16 trillion with our stunning interest payments every day of over $1 billion.

Our country has been blessed with a treasure-house of underground riches and all Americans should benefit from them (think gasoline approaching $4 a gallon, again).



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