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Disgusted by anti-homosexuality letter

September 9, 2012
Adam Livingston, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

I have not only found that Jerry Waterman's recent anti-homosexuality letter is factually incorrect, but is more typical bigotry spilled by overly-religious zealots. The way the article was written undoubtedly shows blatant incompetence at structuring logical arguments. This doesn't help your case when holding such a disgusting and barbaric position.

The essential claim brought forth is that not all people who disapprove of homosexuality do not hate, but those who choose not to tell of the scriptures' "truth" are those who hate. Have you ever read the Old Testament, Mr. Waterman? The antics of the wicked deity of the Old Testament are clearly the result of an angry, jealous and hateful god. Read through Deuteronomy and Leviticus to see that your god not only disapproves of homosexuality, but approves of rape, murder, genocide and slavery.

I'm sorry, but this means that you have no moral obligation to oppose people who believe humans who believe they have a better idea of morality than scripture. Rape, murder, genocide and slavery are positively unethical by today's societal standards, yet you have the moral high ground because you happen to think that your belief is the one true belief? How convenient of contemporary Christians, they have been granted the ability to pick and choose what morally terrible things in the Bible to believe in!

Your statement that nonbelievers have no Biblical understanding is false. In fact, recent research has proven that nonbelievers actually know more about the Bible than Christians do. Here's a link from the New York Times confirming this research:

Judging from the last few sentences Mr. Waterman wrote, it's apparently OK to threaten people with eternal damnation in hell just for respecting the rights for gay people to marry. I hate to break it to you sir, but the 1st amendment to the Constitution of the United States permits the freedom of religion, and that includes the freedom from your religion. Gay people do not have to be subjected to the whims and tenets of your religion because it is their choice to not adhere to your archaic philosophy.

The bottom line is that what goes on behind closed doors in the bedrooms of consenting adults is not God's business, the church's business, the government's business or your business.Try respecting human rights for a change.



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