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This election is critical for women

September 9, 2012
Suzanna Ward, Grinnell , Times-Republican

Women cannot risk having Mitt Romney elected as the next president. We have so much to lose. Now is the time for women to stand up together, and fight for the President Obama who is committed to fair pay for women, as evidenced by the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act which he signed immediately when he took office in 2008. He also drove The Affordable Care Act which requires insurers to provide health care for preventative services for women-critical services and today over 229,000 women in Iowa are receiving these services! We cannot afford to lose these benefits.

Romney has said he would get rid of Planned Parenthood and supported the Susan G. Komen PR disaster when it tried to withdraw money to fund cancer screenings performed for Planned Parenthood. These services are so critical for the women of Iowa, so they can get early screening for cervical cancer, breast cancer, mammograms and contraception.

It's terrifying to think of what our country and Iowa would look like if Romney/Ryan were to be elected. It's clear that neither Romney or Ryan are committed to the middle class, the heart of real working America - they have no idea what it means to have honest work, and honest sweat on your brow at the end of the day. Nor do they seem to care about telling Americans the truth - Ryan's "mistake" about his marathon time may seem trivial, but it's an indicator of how he is willing to bend the truth - never a good quality in a leader.

Women have come a long way - but all of that progress is now at risk with Mitt Romney. We need President Obama in office for another four years to make sure we are moving forward, not back in time. Let's go forward. Vote Obama 2012.



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