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Thoughts on the political conventions

September 30, 2012
Don W. Crowley, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

The Republican Convention was a class act in its execution expressing patriotism and a positive perspective for the future. The new leaders of Romney and Ryan are supported by a fresh generation of state officials and political activists. This convention showcased youth, energy, intelligence and new "leadership from the front." The proceedings made me feel proud to be an American.

Democrats featured rabid, raving old personalities of Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who always apologizes for our success as a nation.

The Democratic National Convention blames Bush II or any random Republican for their lack of economic achievements. This is Obama's economy and all their spinning won't get this monkey off his back as they plow their old euro-socialist ground. The Democrats must face the reality of President Obama's record and his "leadership from the rear." There will be a valiant attempt to spin every democratic program as a wonderful piece of legislation, achieving mythical results for the uninformed. It was typically laughable as the past governor of New Mexico stated that Obama has supported Israel more than any other president. Do they think, no one notices the Obama disdain for Israeli leadership?

The Democrats did achieve one foreign affairs credit in the elimination of Bin Laden and supposedly Hillary Clinton forced that issue after his repeated indecision.

They made nice to our enemies, crucified our international friends and tried to dismantle our military. No one mentions his VP without a snicker.

Apparently, Obama did not even try hard as president, seemingly enjoying his golf game and many vacations. His past life was one of sponsorship and gifts by others while achieving nothing real in leadership experience. Why would his presidency be any different? He's asking for four more years of R&R at the nation's expense.

"Pass the buck" excuses of the Obama ineptitude by Bill Clinton, had subtleties of Hillary, waiting in the wings, if he flounders in November. Much was expected from Obama by many; nothing was received.

Even Jimmy Carter will be judged more credible as a leader.

It's time for change alright, to Romney and Ryan and their Republican team to create JOBS and resurrect the economy . Their youthful enthusiastic team vowing, "We can do this" brings back our national pride in America.



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