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MFD responds to kitchen fire

October 5, 2012

Marshalltown Fire Department firefighters extinguished a small grease fire Tuesday night.

The occupants of 1401 S. Seventh Ave. had apparently left the burner on their stove unattended. They had planned to cook some French fries in a pan with some grease and left the pan unattended while they were out of the home, said Marshalltown Fire Chief Steve Edwards.

When firefighters arrived, at about 7:30 p.m., smoke had filled the apartment. In the roughly 45 minutes while MFD was on scene, the occupants returned home.

Edwards said the grease fire had burned out but flames had spread to the exhaust fan and cupboards. The fire department estimates the damage to the cupboards, oven and fan as well as the smoke damage at about $1,000.

The fire did not injure anyone, Edwards said. As far as he knows, he said, the occupants did not need to be relocated because of the fire.

MFD used a ventilation fan to clear smoke from the apartment. The fire department released information about the fire Thursday morning.



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