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Democratic Party promotes abortion

October 14, 2012
Gloria Welp, Newton , Times-Republican

I, too, am a life-long, proud Catholic, but unlike Ms. Beeghly, who wrote a recent letter, I cannot in all good conscious support a party that makes abortion a paramount part of their platform.

Since day one of President Obama's term of office, he has done everything in his power to put the forces of abortion front and center.

Take a look at all the Catholics in has drawn into his abortion agenda. We have Catholics that have drawn a line against the teachings of the Catholic church. We are facing an HHS mandate that is going against the conscious of Catholic entities by forcing them to pay for contraceptive and abortive pills.

You are not going to end abortion by supporting the candidate that Planned Parenthood has a stronghold over. I don't know what "pro-all life" means in her terms, but I am anti-abortion and will not support those that give millions of tax dollars to the biggest abortion industry in our country.

Just remember, President Obama, when in the Illinois Senate voted against saving the life of a child born from a botched abortion. Please read Abby Johnson's book, "UnPlanned" about a woman who worked for Planned Parenthood and why she became a true pro-lifer and how having to participate in an abortion changed her life.

The main fact is that the Democratic party not only supports but promotes abortion. Just look at their headline speakers from the pro-abortion ladies.

And by the way, Sandra Fluke is going to earn big bucks in her law career, why should she be so worried about paying for her own contraceptives?



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