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Weighing presidential pros and cons

October 21, 2012
Todd A. Frye, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Many of us moderates will vote for the lessor of the evil, so to speak, this presidential election.

The main issues appear to be the economy, national debt, foreign policies, health care coverage, retirements and abortion.

Close to one out of every 10 are unemployed. Is that really that high of a percentage? Is the economy really that bad? Considering all of the reasons for unemployment neither candidate has a definitive answer for the solution. Who do you trust and or believe? It's a draw.

I'm leaning towards the Democrats on challenging our national debt. Higher taxes on the wealthy or equal percentage across the board would be feasible and fair. V.P. Biden suggested a smaller more robust military. As a military veteran, I agree. A very high percent of our military budget goes to training and equipment that's no longer needed for today's warfare. I would bet that many of the wealthy have very few if any sons and daughters serving on the front lines. It's the middle and lower class families that are paying the price for freedom in this country. Therefore, the wealthy need to, and can, pay a higher price financially for that freedom provided.

Foreign policy experts Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are second to none on these issues. Win for President Obama.

Health care and retirement benefits are very confusing, complicated and risky for the majority of us Americans. Both candidates have proposals that would work. Hopefully, like Biden says "it's going to be all right." It's another draw on this issue.

Reverse Roe vs. Wade. Really? Abortion is a personal issue, period. Candidate Ryan sounded like a dictator or communist by his comments on abortion. Win for the President.

So far on my pro and con measure, the results are three wins for the Democrats, zero for the Republicans and two draws. It's not to late though, Republican Party, the moderates are still listening.



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