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We must hold gov’t responsible

October 21, 2012
Sonja Davis, Melbourne , Times-Republican

In response to Usha Nariboli, I read your opinion, "Romney knows business, not government," on Oct. 14, with interest. You indicated that we the tax payers fund the government. You are 100 percent correct. It is our money, not the governments. But you need to remember they also establish the policy to spend the money. We currently have a government who is spending beyond the means of the people. They haven't voted in a budget since Barack Obama took office. (The Democratic Party held the house, senate, and the executive office for the first two years of Obama's presidency.) What is their excuse for not passing a budget? The Republicans didn't have the numbers to block anything in the first two years. Remember Obamacare? The stimulus?

We the people have to be honest. Social Security, Medicare, our education system, the EPA, and the postal system are already destroyed. We have to look at new ways of handling all governmental programs. They (the government) are spending like they have a bottomless pit of money to use. This is a Democrat and Republican issue. We must hold them accountable for fixing this mess and more importantly fixing the tremendous debt we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. Shame on all of us for not paying attention to our government and allowing them spend without limits.

You indicated that Mitt Romney had experience as a business man and no experience as politician. He was governor of the state of Massachusetts and an excellent business man. We need someone with his experience to fix this mess. And we need to hold him accountable to do so.

We gave Obama a chance and all he did was spend more money and campaign to regain office. Remember the only experience Obama brought to the office was his community organizing and you voted for him. We need to hold him accountable and vote him out.

It isn't about being a Democrat or Republican. It is about being a citizen of the greatest country on earth, the United States of America. It is time we take this responsibility and honor with the respect it deserves.



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