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Muslims should be given sympathy

October 21, 2012

I am replying to the opinion posted on Oct. 9 by Mr. Batey of Mt. Pleasant, titled "Is the President lying to us?"

Now, Mr. Batey, you ask over and over if the president is lying to us and your apparent reason is to try and show that you feel as if the president is a Muslim sympathizer.

You then go on to explain how your own accolades in the military have decorated you, but also you have found ways in your life to make money and friendships with the very same people you were 'against' in war (being Japanese and Germans from WWII).

So, the fact that you think that over 1.3 billion Muslim people in the world should not be sympathized with is quite absurd. The very country (USA) that you say you respect and defended in military battle - stands for sympathizing with people of all backgrounds and faiths because of their human right to hold their individual beliefs and to practice their choice of livelihood, so far as it does not infringe upon other's rights.

Now, if you are referring to acts of terrorism that have come at the hands of a very small percentage of fundamentalist Islamic terrorists over the past years, then yes, that as any act of terror is horrible. But what would you rather the president do, Mr. Batey? Drop more bombs on Muslim people, women and children included, than he already has? Would you have him order more drone attacks on Muslim terrorists and civilians alike so that we might just make sure that those who 'hate' Americans die as animals by the hand of a highly technologically engineered robot?

I for one don't support the president's stance within Islamic countries because I believe he doesn't sympathize enough. And for someone that testifies to the ability to be friends with even Japanese soldiers that fought against you in war, I'm surprised you don't have similar sympathies towards these so called enemies of America.

Hate is never born in the length of a movie nor is it even born by the sacred books of religions alone, but only when it is coupled with stubborn ignorance. Hate is born in the continual summation of entire groups of people into nothing more than enemies that do not deserve a voice. Hate happens when you call "Muslin" people, a people that don't deserve to be sympathized with.



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