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The GOP’s bubbles and boils

October 25, 2012
Larry Ginter, Rhodes , Times-Republican

This election is the most bizarre election process I believe I have ever witnessed. Here we have an avowed vulture capitalist (Mitt Romney) who claims he will create 12 million good paying jobs, and yet his vulture capitalist company Bain & Company destroyed millions of good paying jobs.

President Obama should ask Romney to clarify what he means by good paying jobs because Republicans are notorious bashers of unions and I have never heard a Republican offer up a proposal to raise the minimum wage or to say "workers need a living wage."

In fact there are business groups who favor the abolishment of the minimum wage. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce alongside the goofy lunatic fringe (far right conservatism in the U.S. Supreme Court) have and are passing laws that undermine worker rights all over the place

A Romney political ad claims that over the last four years American workers have lost $4,000 worth of income. Well sure they have because of vulture capitalism. We have been hemorrhaging good paying jobs for the last 32 years because of trickle down deregulation economics or Reaganomics. That is what Romney advocates when he wants to continue tax relief for the wealthy and deregulation.

To me it is bizarre for working class people to support a vulture capitalist, especially when a vulture capitalist and his political party advocate getting rid of or starving regulatory agencies like OSHA and the EPA that protect workers and the environment.

I have to wonder, do business supporters for Romney, like the Times-Republican, ever make the connections like the BP oil spill, the Massey Energy mine accident and the Wall Street banking fraud that led to the housing collapse to Romney advocating for deregulation?

When it comes to the cultural war my vote is against paranoia, bigotry, racism, homophobia, white-fear of immigrants, anti-choice, the abnormal love affair of guns and the free market, deregulation, union bashing, anti-minimum wage advocates, Christian bashers of Muslims, global warming deniers, drill baby drill advocates, women rights bashers, narcissism and just plain old mean spiritedness that bubbles and boils within the Republican Party.



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