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Who will be better off? Romney’s rich friends

October 28, 2012
Gary Hoskey, Montour , Times-Republican

In response to the T-R's endorsement of Romney, ask yourself two more questions. First, who is the best example of your values? Our president who gets criticized for not "schmoozing" with members of Congress and lobbyist after hours, because he tries as often as possible to be home for supper with his two young daughters and wife. Or is it a man who claims all kinds of values and Christian (Mormon) beliefs but has been editorially criticized by his church-owned Salt lake City newspaper for pushing pornography while serving as a board member of Marriott Hotels where he received thousands of dollars plus stock for years.

Secondly, after you read this letter, ask yourself - who do you think will be better off when the painful cuts coming in the days ahead hit us? You or all of Romney's businesses and rich friends?

Go to your computer and click on "What Does Bain Capitol" own, and you will soon see that Romney and Bain own 850 radio stations and the contracts of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and many more. They even own WHO radio in Des Moines.

Also type in "Bain Capitol Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia," and you 'II see a partial list of all the businesses Romney and Bain own. I count at least three in Marshalltown.

Search the credits of the "Obama 2016" movie and you 'II find it is distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures. You will find they are located in Salt Lake City. The director of the movie has now resigned his position for being in a hotel room with another woman while attending a "Christian Values" conference.

Do a search on "Mormon Business Hypocrisy" and scroll through several pages. You will come to the newspaper's editorial, "The Nasty Taint of Porn" about Romney and the pornography issue. I called the newspaper and confirmed this editorial was published. Scroll a little further and there is a letter titled "Mitt Romney-Be Afraid Be Very Afraid" by Rev. C.J. Connor, please read it.

There are also two other news stories on the internet, "Mitt Romney's Bain Help Phillip Morris Get U.S. High Schoolers Hooked on Cigarettes," and "Mitt Romney's Bain Made Millions on Big Tobacco in U.S., Russia."

Are Romney and Bain going for their biggest acquisition ever, the Presidency of the United States?



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