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Obama lacks essential leadership qualities

October 27, 2012
Richard Livingston, Marshalltown , Times-Republican

Leadership qualities and experience are most important when it comes to selecting the President of the United States. The president has very little power beyond being the commander-in-chief. With the approval of the senate he appoints ambassadors, supreme court judges and can make treaties. He does not have the authority to levy taxes or define the tax code. His main role is leadership and managing by influence.

Based on public record, Obama has demonstrated a lack of leadership. While facing a virtual stalemate in Congress, Obama he has referred to Washington as "a circus" or a "3-ring circus." This is what I would expect from an antagonist on a playground - not from the "leader" of the free world. Obviously he has failed to realize that he is the ring master of this "circus" and it is his job to lead congress to break the stalemate.

During a recent UN gathering of world leaders, instead of meeting with his peers from other nations he slipped out the back door to tape a campaign commercial. In his own words - he was "eye-candy" at the UN. He doesn't view himself as a leader.

Obama was elected after spending eight years in the Illinois legislature - and two years as a U.S. Senator. Not much of a chance to prepare him for the leadership requirements of the presidency.

Obama has led our country into the worst relationships with the Middle East in a generation. Embassies under attack, an ambassador and staff killed - and the first reaction from the administration is to apologize for offending Muslims. The list of leadership deficiencies goes on and on.

Gov. Romney started, operated and led his own highly successful company (actually worked for a living in the private sector). He led the Salt Lake City Olympics. (Have you ever tried to lead several thousand volunteers?) He was Governor of Massachusetts where he worked successfully with a Democratic Congress (70 percent of past presidents have been governors. I suspect that is due to the Leadership experience gained).

Every generation or so America takes a chance when electing presidents (ala Jimmy Carter). Obama has had his chance at four years of on-the-job training and has failed miserably. It's time to put someone in the White House who has demonstrated leadership skills - and get America out of debt and back to work.



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