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Lange will take fresh approach

October 31, 2012
Denise Mitchell, Robins , Times-Republican

Early in the 2012 campaign season, Ben Lange spoke of the need to "restore the generational compact." This compact defines the belief that every generation needs to do what they can to ensure that the next generation has the opportunity to live better than the previous one.

Have we done that? Will the next generation have the opportunity for a better life than we have? I don't think so - not with the way our current "representatives" are spending us into oblivion. Social Security is broken. My generation is working to pay the benefits of the one before us - a generation who worked hard their entire lives and put money into the system.

Where does this leave my generation?

We need representatives in Washington who understand the importance of taking responsibility for the current state of affairs. Ben Lange understands that Social Security is broken, and believes it is time to give those younger than retirement age the option to take control of their future. Despite what you may hear, he does not want to strip benefits from anyone, nor does he want to privatize Social Security. Ben Lange does believe that those who have not yet reached retirement age should have options, something we don't currently have.

My vote for U.S. Congress on Nov. 6 will be cast for Ben Lange. He understands the need to do something different because what Bruce Braley and others in Washington D.C. are currently doing, isn't working.



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